Make a 20 lb. difference in just one month!

It’s December and the holidays are here! Many of us are winding down the year and along with that increasing our booze and sugar intake at a massive rate. Then there’s the other foods that taste great and make you fat and happy. Happy for now…

When you look at a title that says “Make a 20lb difference in just one month” you’re probably thinking, “No way I’m doing some crazy diet during the holidays!”

Well you don’t have to do anything crazy to achieve this. It’s very simple really. Let me start with some stats..

The average person gains 10 lbs during the holidays due to parties, food, lethargy, and just plain old saying “F*ck it!”

If you lost 10 lbs. during this month (which is very achievable with a good coach) then not only would you not be 10 lbs heavier, but instead 10 lbs. lighter!

10lbs. not gained + 10lbs. lost = 20 lb. difference!

Not so crazy after all huh?!

Think about that for a min. You could show up to that Ugly Sweater party looking good and feeling even better! Give us a call @ 503-453-5355 to make your 20 lb difference in just one month!

-Coach David Wayne

Client Recognition: Michol Porter

When dedication comes to mind it’s not hard for me to pinpoint my December client of the month. Michol Porter personifies the diligence, consistency, and no nonsense attitude that I so rarely see in younger individuals these days. Hell… I don’t see it that often in individuals of any age! Michol showed up at my facility with definitive goals, a structured timeline, and a willingness to dig in and do the work it takes to get real results. She is a task master on her nutrition and shows up to workouts like clockwork. She takes instructions and immediately applies it with precision to her life. I only wish more people took the instruction I gave them, and followed it like Michol! It’s almost humorous the concern she has when she “slips up” and eats a few too many blueberries;)

Michol came to Rogue Training Garage with some serious doubts. After all she got completely screwed out of thousands of dollars by her previous trainer, who sold her a bunch of prepaid sessions and then took off to Texas! SMDH… It’s guys like that who give this profession a bad name, so when I heard this story I assured her that nothing like that will happen to her here at Rogue. We respect our clients and show them that not all “Fitness Professionals” are sleezy, oiled up, car salesmen that take your money and run. MIchol and I have been working together now for about 6 months and her body transformation is very impressive! We achieved her initial weight loss goal a few months ago and now we are on to “Phase Two” as she likes to call it. I have no doubt that she will reach her Phase Two goal as she has shown me nothing but hard work, dedication, consistency, and a very serious commitment towards her nutrition. That’s all it takes folks. You too can be like Michol Porter if you just decide what you want and stop at nothing to achieve it. Great job MIchol! You are shining example to all of us on what it takes to get real results and I applaud you as Rogue Training Garage’s December client of the month!

-Coach David Wayne

Workout Hangover Solutions

You’ve been hitting the weights extra hard and giving it your all. You are trying to lose some pounds and strengthen your muscles. Then it happens…

You wake up with a workout hangover. Anyone who’s been grinding day after day, month after month knows what I’m talking about. It’s when you think you’ve been sacrificing everything for your health and you still wake up feeling like shit! WTF?!

This happens more frequently to beginners and people who aren’t constant with their workouts but, I can offer a few more solutions to this very aggravating problem. After all, who the hell wants to feel hungover when they haven’t even had a good night out to earn it?!

Possible solutions include:

  • Dehydration- Sometimes it only takes a glass or two of water to get your head back to normal and get you back in the race

  • Lack of sleep- Just because you can survive on 5-6 hours of sleep doesn’t mean you should, especially when your are tearing your body down day after day on the workouts. Extra physical demand requires extra sleep. You may even need 9-10 if you had a bad week or extra stress which leads me to my next factor

  • Too much stress- You are handling so much continued stress that you feel like it’s normal and usually you don’t feel that bad. Well adding workouts and/or enduring long term stress can and probably will bring you down to your knees. Learn how to recuperate with some down time.

  • No time for yourself- If you are hitting it hard and taking care of business, family, house, dog, cat, etc… you need to have a few hours a week to shut it all down completely and get yourself some therapy. (Massage, walk, nap, hike, get out of town are all good ways to get you centered so you can continue to perform at best.

  • Too much drinking- You’re an adult. Do what you want. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences. If you are really trying to make a strong move for your health your drinking should be limited to a few drinks a week (Like 2-3 max). Not per day… per week! It’s not the extra calories that you should be really concerned about. It’s the beating that your system (liver, kidney, heart, lungs, etc…) take when you drown your week in booze. I know, I know!!!! It’s fuckin’ hard man!

  • Eating out/processed food- This one is HUGE!!! If you are trying to perform like an athlete and leaving the food prep to other people then you are screwing yourself. I don’t care how healthy your menu orders are; there are always lower quality foods being used (You think most restaurants order top quality organic food? AHAHAHAHAHA!) They are looking at their bottom line and that means ordering from the cheapest vendor they can find. They deal with bulk. Every time you go to the grocery store and make yourself crazy with how healthy your choices are remember that the choice to eat out is the worst choice. Not to mention extra sauces, butter, lard, salt, MSG, creams, etc… that they stick in their food to make it taste addictive and wonderful. Start cooking and take control of the fuel that you give your body. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel and how much money you save. With the money you save from eating at home 90% of the time you could probably afford that trainer that you need to whip your but into shape!

  • Hanging out with toxic people- I got a few friends of my own that have some bad habits so I know, but limiting your time with them means making better choices for yourself. If you’re going out with “Boozehound Ben” or “Fat Nancy” you are likely subjecting yourself to unhealthy choices. I know they’re lots of fun, but do you want to end up like them?

  • Not changing your daily lifestyle- I know tons of people that think if they just show up to 2-3 workouts a week that they should see all the results they desire. It’s just not true! If you work in an office, sitting 8-10 hours a day, go home and sit on the couch, drive to work (still sitting), etc… without any other activity than your Mon/Wed/Fri workouts, you’re gonna be disappointed. You need to walk everyday, take a hike, bike, swim on the weekends and turn your drinking/eating activities into something surrounded with actual activity! Here’s a challenge… Walk one hour a day (not counting from your desk to your car, couch to fridge, etc… One complete hour. It will loosen up your joints, relax your mind, and drop body fat like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Working out like a pussy- Don’t kid yourself. You know when you’re sandbagging a workout! I don’t mean comparing yourself to the person next to you in the gym. I mean pushing yourself every set, rep, day, week, month, and year. Your body needs to purge the toxins and the best way to do that is to work out hard! Don’t waste your workout time on poor participation with your excuses and whining. Get after it and give it 100%

There you go! A solid list on why you’re feeling like shit when you wake up and what you can do about it.

-Coach David Wayne

Client Recognition: Lewis Landerholm

I was sitting at a Portland coffee shop thinking about what to blog this morning. I am always trying to come up with a topic that inspires, educates, and/or is relative to the world of health and fitness. Then it came to me… Why not write about my clients who are currently in the trenches? The ones that show up day after day, month after month, and sometimes year after year!

I know just who to start with on this topic. His name is Lewis Landerholm. I can definitely check off all the categories with this guy.

  • Hard working

  • Perseverant

  • Respectful

  • Great attitude

  • Inspiring

and the list goes on…

I first met Lewis when he walked into my gym over a year ago. He was a successful businessman who had put his wife, kids, work, etc… in front of himself and while that is admirable, he had suffered the consequences physically. Lewis walked in the door ready to put in a little time for himself. He was ready to improve his fitness, strengthen his muscles, and get rid of the aches and pains of day to day office work. Many people come to Rogue Training Garage with similar goals and some do very well, most make excuses then eventually quit, and some are frightened and run immediately. Not Lewis. He squared off with the weights, did the work, kept coming back, and turned himself into what I jokingly refer to as the “Swedish Beast.” Now Lewis is a large guy in stature, 6’3” and was around 240 when he started. He could lift moderate weight (Ex: Deadlift was around 150 lbs.) but his back bothered him and he looked a little shaky, as most do, while lifting. He is now in the low 200’s with a much lower body fat level and his deadlift is approaching 450 lbs.! His back feels great, and his posture, structure, and energy are completely transformed. Definitely an admirable result!

How did Lewis do it? Did he take supplements? Was he on steroids? What’s his secret?

Here’s how he did it…

He used the F.T.D.I. program.

F.T.D.I.? What’s that?

Lewis made these remarkable increases in strength while losing over 30 lbs. in body fat by


That’s it! He did use a protein powder and he did change his diet, however there are no real secrets to his success. He had a coach that he listened to and followed the instructions!

Amazing huh?!

You’d be surprised how many people (overwhelming majority) cannot achieve this very simple task. I didn’t say easy. I said simple. While many people are making this way too complicated so they can use another excuse for their failure, Lewis used a supplement called “Grit” and another called “Dedication" to get his results. He did the work!

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Lewis Landerholm this week. He deserves it and my hat’s off to him for all his hard work and success! Great job Big Lou!

More client recognition to come so stay tuned!

Coach David Wayne

Final week of GVT and Max strength gains

Hey Portland!

We finished up week 6 of the GVT (German Volume Training) and just got through with 1 rep max week testing to see how much strength one could gain in such a short window. After conducting mean averages among all participants the results are as follows:

Bench Press: 12.2 lbs increase

OH Press: 15.4 lbs increase

Back Squat: 22.3 lbs. increase

Deadlift: 24.6 lbs. increase

Pull-up: 33.7 lbs. increase (considering populations that decreased their banded assistance as well)

Not a bad start considering that we were working 60% 1RM the entire time! The added volume in the shoulders, arms, thighs, glutes, etc… reported to me by numerous members is in my opinion solely responsible for the added strength gains despite the fact that we were not training for max strength gains specifically. That type of program would consist of lower reps and higher weights usually, especially for more advanced lifters who have conditioned their muscles to the point where extreme stimulus is a must for any considerable gain.

So if they’re not receiving high stimulus strength gains through high weight, that really only leaves one option… High Volume. It is important to note that the high volume was done with weight that pushes the muscle fibers to their max for that particular amount of sets and reps. You would not receive the same effect if you dropped the weight resistance much lower. In essence this was almost the perfect weight vs. sets/reps for maximum muscle volume and strength over a short period of time! I am impressed and even more so with how good my body feels (energy, joint health, mobility, etc…) after participating in such a rigorous program and have noticed how many of my members are also feeling the same effects. I even got my wife (who hasn’t stuck to a weight regimen ever) to do the entire program and she is ready for more! It is important for me to mention that going through this training series has also helped correct, condition, and improve multiple joint/muscle issues that were occurring in my clients. I guess you could say they perfected their movement patterns through tons of reps and weight control. Instead of slamming around the reps which people often do, I imposed strict rules on the timing of the concentric and eccentric contractions and in turn gave them more time to focus on movement correction. Even though 4 and 5 second eccentric contractions are torturous they are very effective at building muscle and correcting bad movement patterns that have previous caused imbalances and injuries. (With a good coach of course;) )

Ok! Time to wrap it up. If you are considering changing up your workout program whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter I would highly encourage you to give German Volume Training a try! It does work!

-Coach David Wayne

German Volume Training (Weeks 4 & 5)

After finishing up weeks 4 & 5 I admittedly started to eat much more than I had anticipated and was starting to spill over a bit (that’s bodybuilder slang for getting a little pudgy) and needed to add in some fat burning exercise. Basically keeping my heart rate between 100-130bpm so I am mainly burning fat and maximizing my muscle retention (go above that and you enter cardio zone which can burn slights amounts of muscle glycogen to the point of inhibiting maximum muscle gain). I did this by doing some long hikes of 11 to 15 miles at a time at a 2-3 mph pace. This helped greatly to pull off some of the excess calories in fat I was gaining. If I was to really needle my carb intake I wouldn’t probably have to do that, but it’s a process and part of the experience since this was my first stint of GVT. Having said that, I am still very pleased with the result in my muscle strength increase and also how good my joints are feeling during such an overload process of lifting.

I have one week to go and cannot wait to retest my 1 rep max numbers in bench press, squat, deadlift, pull-up, and overhead press. These are the main multi-muscle compound movements that I had originally tested in the beginning of the process and the numbers that I base my 60%/1rm reps that I am working during the GVT reps. That last sentence was a little wordy, but I’ve had a bit too much coffee this morning and am on a roll!

To anyone who participates in this program and has similar issues with fat gain from increased appetite I would recommend doing at lease a 1 hr walk a day and one big hike, bike, etc… of at least 3-5 hours per week at the previously suggested heart rate of 100-130 bpm. This will also keep the back, hips, knees, etc… loose so one could remain flexible and prevent getting to tight to sleep at night. On to week 6!

Coach David Wayne

German Volume Training (Weeks 2 & 3)

End of Week Two:

I’m not gonna lie… It’s a tough workout! My body is getting acclimated to the Central Nervous System (CNS) overload. I am sleeping more and and eating more by default. I have noticed some weight gain (3 lbs.) but not any body fat increase. I expect that my muscles are more full of glycogen (muscle sugar) which contributes to the weight increase. I feel like my energy has taken a dip but I still feel good.

End of Week Three: Really feeling significant strength increase on my presses and chin-ups! I am easily doing all ten sets of ten with the weight I previously struggled with just the week before. I will have to go up in weight next week just to get the needed stress to continue growing. My energy started to really spike by the weekend and I actually needed to go out and do something extra. (Hiked Mt. Defiance: 5000 ft. elevation gain and 14.4 miles long.) That’s gonna affect my legs a little this week;) I also feel like my arms are growing in size, but am not planning on measurements until the end of the six weeks as planned.

Overall very happy with the progress (because it’s so noticeable) and though the workouts are tough they are not as miserable as lifting with no result!

Coach David Wayne

The power of 10 (GVT)

Hey Portland!

In continuation of my article of German Volume Training I would like to reference the difference between doing strength training in it's typical regime of 3x10's, 4x6's, 5x5's, etc... and how they are different from 10x10's.  I am sitting here today completely relaxed, very focused, a little sore, but overall feeling really good!  I have had this reoccurring sense of wellness ever since I have been participating in the German Volume Training format (10x10's).   GVT is very simple tactically, how ever the strategy seems to be much more involved.   I don't mean just the tempo of the reps or configuration of compound exercises to which one should apply, but rather the effect on the body that it produces outside of the the expected muscular hypertrophy.  

Simply put, I am stating that there are many other profound effects I have experienced from GVT.  The first and most noticeable effect was the energy I have throughout the first 75% of the day.  I am sharp, energetic, albeit relaxed, and have a general sense that everything is going just right.  I do take a sharp dip in the evening where I just want to go to bed (around 8pm) which is great because I spend less time watching TV and get more sleep at night.  I feel a sense of wellness and confidence throughout the day that I am not used to, but very much like and this in and of itself opens doors to other options in life.   I am more at ease with other people, problems, and issues life throws my way.   Ok, enough about all that...

My other side effects include:

  • joint relief
  • fat loss
  • increased appetite
  • decreased want for alcohol
  • decreased need for caffeine
  • increased sex drive
  • increased mental clarity

If that hasn't convinced me to continue joyfully with this routine then I don't believe anything would!  I have also put a good % of both male and female clients on this program to work on everything from muscular hypertrophy to form correction with increase time under tension. (GVT requires slow movement patterns with an extreme focus on biomechanics over tons of reps.)  I have seen a pronounced improvement in corrective patterning with people who have previously struggled, as the 100 reps per compound movement have forced these people to go lighter and pay more attention to what they are doing during the movements.   In essence they have more time for their neurosensory systems to adapt to the reps because there are more reps to adapt to!

Anyway, this is just my perception of this program and I am very pleased indeed with it's effects and results.   I will keep you updated on the prolonged effect as we delve deeper into the program.  These are only my initial perceptions and in no way my official overall look at GVT.   More data is needed, but I like the data I have so far!

-Coach David Wayne

Breakfast Smoothie for energy and muscle recovery

Short post today!

If you have been wondering what you should have for breakfast in the morning that is quick, easy, and healthy then here you go Portland!   This smoothie is great for people who need more energy in the morning, more muscle recovery after a workout, or even a meal replacement to drop some pounds!  It's super simple and here it is...

Coach Wayne's Power Smoothie

-1 1/2 cups Coconut Milk

-1/2 bushel Kale (Do a whole bushel if you have difficulty getting your veggies in for the day)

-1 cup blueberries

-1-2 scoops protein powder (I recommend vanilla) considering each scoop is 20-25 grams protein.  Note: 1 scoop if you're trying to lose weight and 2 scoops for muscle gain.

It's that simple!   I like to use a Ninja Blender because it has multiple blades and blends better IMO.  

Expect to feel more energy during your day and more power in your workouts!

-Coach David Wayne

Most brutal hypertrophy (muscle gain) program ever...

That's a big headline up there!   Have you been lifting for a while and not getting the gains you're working for?  Are you up for a beast of a challenge?!

It's called German Volume Training (GVT)

Developed decades ago and credited to most of Germania, GVT is simply credited as the most brutal, but the most gains worthy program out there today.  If you are looking for muscle volume, not to be confused with max strength/power although those will go up too, then this is your program.  You gotta be tough for this one because it will make you sore down to the bone!  It's massively taxing on the central nervous system (CNS) and you'll need extra sleep/food/hydration during each 6 week program, but you can expect to see anywhere from 8-15 lbs. of hard muscle gained!  I don't know about you but as an experienced lifter that is music to my ears!   No steroids, no special diet (except eating more usually), and no other supplementation required.   All you need is GRIT, you know that mental and physical toughness that is in low supply for the average guy out there, (don't get me started on that subject) but if you can deal with that then you should see something short of a miracle take place!

Ok all you hard gainers!  I'm calling to out!  This is your chance to show you got what it takes to pack on real muscle with the hardest of hypertrophy workouts!  Come get some...

If you do decide to take me up on this just remember they're not all gonna be awesome days in the gym so in the words of one of my favorite country singers...

"Some days you blast off like a rocket, and some days you just smoke."

Coach David Wayne

Bad air quality index workouts for Oregon

So today it's getting up to 99 degrees in Portland, Or and the air quality is rated unhealthy:( 

You still need to get a workout in so what do you do?


Filtered and air conditioned air is your best friend on a day like this.   You should even be able to do cardio with a solid air filtering system so ask your gym or facility if they have one.

Rule No. 2 Start with Anaerobic Exercises (Like weightlifting)

If you're not sure how healthy the air is around you or just not sure how much your lungs/body will react to the air quality then weights are a great way to test them out.   You will use more oxygen than you normally do for everyday work habits but not so much as you would during cardio.  If you feel good after 30 mins of weights, then see how the treadmill will work for you, but again do it indoors!

Rule No. 3  Listen to your breathing/body

If your breathing becomes exasperated more quickly than normal, you feel burning in your chest/lungs, or feel light headed then stop what you're doing and postpone the workout.  It's not worth feeling like crap for the next 3-5 days because you shocked your lungs and heart.  

Play it smart on days like today and you'll be better off for the next workout!

Stay cool out there,

Coach David Wayne

Oregon Training Weather is here!!!

You've been bitchin' about the rain all winter/spring, but now summer is in full effect!   Let me guess... "It's too hot!"  "I just can't work out in this extreme 80's/90's temperature!"   

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!   That's hilarious!  It's also sad... You're an excuse maker:(

When I was a kid I worked in 117 degree weather for 8 bucks an hour and I dealt with flammable products at the same time!  I have no sympathy for you!  You can't take a little heat while you work out?!  It's Oregon!  It's the coolest part of the country right now!   Get off your ass and do something about it before it, and the rest of you get any bigger!  Ok, done with my motivational speech;)

Seriously, if you can't do it right now when the weather is beautiful then don't kid yourself that you're gonna do it in the cold of the winter when you're most likely to get fatter.   Just take your big ass to the ice cream shop and give up all hope.  

If you're thinking "Fuck that!"  then give me a call and I'll get you on the right track to stronger muscles, better cardio, more flexibility, and most likely less pain/discomfort than you're living in right now.   We'll get to work and you'll most likely be feeling 200-300% better before fall sets in!  How about that?!

Coach David Wayne

Summer is in full effect... Are you?!

Remember that New Year's resolution to drop the gut/butt for summer?  You were gonna crush it this year!  Or at least get going in the right direction with some noticeable result;)  

  • How's that going?!
  • Did you make any changes?
  • Are you in better shape 6 months later?

Well what the hell happened?!!!

I'll tell you...


Baby Step syndrome?  What am I talking about?  


Let me explain... 

Humans are naturally attracted to the path of least resistance.  Therefore even the easy step you took will most likely naturally fall away into old habits.  It didn't provide you with much effect so why the hell do it anyway right?!  

Fair enough...


If you took the HARD PATH in the beginning you are many levels above your normal routine and even if you start to slack off a little you should still be living much healthier than your old lifestyle!  The HARD PATH CREATES HARD RESULTS!   Who doesn't like to get some quick eye popping results?!  I know I sure do!

This awesome result is more likely to keep you on the path to success because it reinforces your habits! 

  • People will notice and comment on your body (Reinforcement)  
  • You live in less pain and inflammation (Reinforcement)
  • You have a lot more energy (Reinforcement)
  • Better sex life capability (Reinforcement)
  • Sharper mind (Reinforcement)

The list goes on and on!  

If this isn't enough for you to commit HARD AND FAST then nothing will ever be (short of a doctor's note that you are killing yourself and you need to make a drastic change before YOU DIE!!!

Moral of the Story... Make a drastic change to yield drastic results... It's not as hard as you think!

Ok that's enought for today!

Coach David Wayne


How much is a good Coach/Personal Trainer?

I get a lot of call on this very subject... "How much do you charge?"  This is many times the first thing that comes out of a prospective client's mouth.  Not "What is your background or specialty?" or even "What is your technique to helping me get to my goals?".   Price point shopping is a very large to the consumer and I understand that completely.  However, when addressing the new task of losing weight, getting in shape, or just getting rid of aches and pains to feel better, it would be wise to get to know the individual that you are working with.  I also understand that you have probably done some research online and you need to look for a place that has a general locality to your home or work.  These are important aspects of process so that your daily routine isn't interrupted more than it has to be.  You only have a certain amount of TIME in the day and you only have so much MONEY.   I get that.  

One thing you may have forgotten on your journey to fitness though... 

  • What happens if you pick the wrong Coach/Trainer?
  • What happens if you decide to save a few bucks now, but your whole project fails?
  • How much money/time did you lose on a bad decision?
  • How much weight didn't you lose because you went with price over quality?
  • How much motivation did you lose because of this failure?

You can get New/Un-experienced/Desperate/Un-certified Coaches/Trainers for:

Private Training: $35-65 dollars per hour

Semi-Private: (2-4 people) $15-25 dollars per hour/person

You will most likely spend 6-12 months failing or getting very little result and possibly a new injury. 

Cost: $2500-$5000 dollars to fail...

A qualified, experienced, and Nationally Certified Coach Trainer however will cost you:

Private Training: $65-$125 dollars per hour

Semi-Private: $35-$55 dollars per hour

Your progress will be timely 3-6 months and you will have a new body, tons of great experience you can use your whole life, and you are now feeling looking great!

Cost: $1500-$4000 dollars to win!   


Now, you may be wondering how the price point is almost the same (Actually the experienced trainer is cheaper)?    GREAT COACHES/TRAINERS ONLY GET RESULTS IN HALF THE TIME!  YOU JUST SAVED MONEY ON THE MORE EXPERIENCED TRAINER!

Think about that the next time you decide to work with a professional Coach/Trainer...

Quality or Quantity?   You decide.

I'm here if you have questions:)

Coach David Wayne

Need a reliable nutrition guide to lose fat?!

If you are like most people I run across you have wondered what diet, nutrition, food program should you use to get reliable fat loss results.  Well, after 22 years in the business of fitness, strength, boxing, and weight loss I have found one that works and especially well for busy people who don't have time to eat more than a few times a day!   If you are a busy professional with very little extra time on your plate, but also need to drop some fat then I have your answer!  I actually have two different programs... One for men and the other for women.   You see men and women have different hormone systems that are affected differently by food intake, time of day, frequency, etc...  Therefore two different options have made all the difference in success for fat loss!



Coach David Wayne

30 min Kickboxing Training...$99.00!

Rogue Training Garage (Soon to be "Glove and Iron") has just completed month one of our new 30 min Kickboxing Fitness Workout program and it's a HUGE SUCCESS!  

  • Members are dropping weight at record speeds!
  • Energy has gone up 300% is just a weeks!
  • No class times!  A new workout starts every 3 mins!
  • We will soon be moving to South Waterfront!
  • At 99 bucks a month it's the best deal in town!
  • No contracts necessary!

If you are looking for a seriously effective and fun workout that gets unprecedented results then come check us out!  We are offering a free promo week so you can be sure that you like it before you join.  Come find out why so many people are smiling about Portland's best workout!

Coach David  or


NEW!!! 30 min Boxing/Kickboxing workouts at Rogue!

Do you need an amazing workout that will get you in and out in 30 mins?!  

Rogue Training Garage introduces Hurricane Boxing/Kickboxing!

Here's what you need to know...

  • Burn 500 calories in 30 mins!
  • No start times!  Work out at your convenience any time gym is open.
  • 9-12 stations where you will sweat hard for 2+ mins/station and rest for a few seconds in between.
  • Get in shape without getting hit!  You hit bags, they don't hit you.
  • 99 bucks/month for unlimited access!
  • Come try a week free!

What else can I say?  It's the hardest, most effective, most fun workout you're going to find in Sw Portland!

Coach Wayne



Low energy...

Bulging gut...

Aching back...

Are you losing this battle during the Silly Season?  

What are you gonna do about it?  Suffer some more?  


Take a deep breath and make the decision you know you need to make.  



That is all:)

Coach David



What do coaches/trainers think about you?

You want to lose fat?  Lose the baggage you're carrying in you mind first...

Sometimes I just stand there and shake my head when I hear excuses from people.

"I just couldn't make it in because I'm so busy!"

"I don't know why I'm not losing weight?"

"This is too hard for me!"

You know what I think about that?   

You're an adult.  Act like one. 

There is a serious lack of personal responsibility with people these days. The excuses roll out faster than the fast food that they shouldn't have been stuffing in their pie holes.

"I'm not feeling it today."

No shit?  Me either so maybe just go home and feel sorry for yourself. Go ahead, put your mind/body into an even more depressed state.  That should really help you win the day!

When you start crying like that, a professional coach/trainer thinks...


Here's the thing...

Take these four important step to make a real change:

1) Start adjusting your attitude towards challenge (a.k.a. the workout and quite frankly, life in general), and the excuses will stop rolling out of your mouth.

2) When you stop making excuses you'll find more time for solutions and eventually your speech patterns become positive.  

3) Positive speech patterns reinforce positive attitude.  You have stopped the spiral downward and started back up!

4) The spiral upward gives you confidence in your new positive attitude/words and you start to believe in yourself.  Your body experiences the result through lower stress, better decisions, (showing up to workouts, eating clean, taking walks, etc..) and you lose body fat!

Focus on changing your thoughts, and your body will follow in kind.

You can be the successful client that acts like a grown up, cooks food at home, comes to workouts, and says, "Thanks for pushing me today Coach!"  "I promise to try harder next time!"

Now we think that your're great and we hope to find more like you everyday!  

My point is that the world has enough whiny miserable excuse makers...

Don't contribute to the problem.  

Be better than that.  You'll get a happier, and much better coach, a great workout and our undying respect for you personal responsibility and great attitude.

Coach David

p.s. Tips for changing your thoughts:    

  • Take a walk and clear your mind (you'll lose body fat in the process)
  • Shut off your T.V. and open a book (maybe one on mind control or positive thinking)
  • Clean out your body with clean food (buy a quick recipe cookbook and make healthy food fast)
  • Start paying attention to the words that come out of your mouth. Find better ones to replace them
  • Contact us here at to schedule a sit-down and mind remapping session.



It's that time of year again... 

The rain is here, drizzling all day. 

Holidays are quickly approaching and for many of us that means more stress, less rest, more parties, and possibly tossing away whatever good habit you may have been clinging to.

Now you wake up and all you can think about all day is laying on the couch or going back to bed!

You don't want to feel tired all damn day.  You've been trying to cook food at home instead of eating out, drinking iced tea instead of beer all weekend.  Trying to get through the stressful work week without chewing your co-workers head off!    

It's not working very well is it...

Symptoms you may be experiencing...



Here they are IN ORDER for you to follow for best results:



                                    JUICE FROM 1/2 LEMON

                                    6-10 DROPS STEVIA

                                    4-8 OZ H2O (FOLLOW UP SOLUTION WITH 8OZ H20



                                            2 HANDFULS OF KALE OR SPINACH

                                            1 HANDFUL MIXED FROZEN BERRIES

                                            1 BANANA

3) DAY 11... Go to bed early and call me in the morning... 503-453-5355

If you've been doing this every day, then you're probably starting to feel better and you're going to need to reinforce all the good habit you've created by being around others with good habits.  

Now that I got you jump started and perhaps you feeling more energetic you can now further your energy and stay on track by getting yourself to the gym when you can start down the path of true health and fitness with a body that will keep going for you when you need it to!

Let me know how it goes!

-Coach David