Build strength in turbulent times

Today I woke up being very appreciative of my life. I have been blessed with wonderful friends, a loving girlfriend, great clients, and the list goes on... 

As I reflected on how fortunate I am, I thought of a story that my Uncle once told me...

"When he was a boy, he used to love chasing butterflies. One day he watched a caterpillar shedding its cocoon. But it seemed to be having trouble and wasn't making any progress. So, in an effort to be helpful, he pulled out his pocket knife and cut off the remaining pieces of the cocoon. But rather than changing into a beautiful butterfly, the caterpillar quickly died. My Uncle said that he later learned that the caterpillar Needed to experience the struggle of moving through the cocoon to grow into a butterfly. The caterpillar needed build it's strength to survive the transformation. And by him preventing this from happening, he denied the caterpillar its chance to fly. 

The moral of the story is - Turbulent times and periods of struggle in life are, in truth, similar opportunities to grow wings. They are a chance for us to show our best. Without struggle victories wouldn't taste as sweet.

I have been sharing my personal stories with you lately to help you realize that we all have struggles, obstacles and resistance in our lives. But we should be thankful for them, because these challenges are what bring out the best in us. They force us to grow. 

From this point forward I want you to start embracing your challenges for what they are. An opportunity. How you perceive these challenges will dictate how you will react to them. How you react to them will dictate your happiness and success.

Write in your journal the single biggest struggle you are having, and what you can do to take it on fully and conquer it. Record why you are resisting the urge to take action on it now, and what you WILL do right now to start the process. How will this positive action affect your life?  

 Be the best version of yourself....