Why wait till New Years?

I see a big influx of people make new years resolutions to get into shape and I also see 40-70% of them fall off within 60 days only to recycle the same goals the next year. Why are you people waiting for New Years? What magically happens at this time? NOTHING!  

Time to break the cycle people! Try starting right now during the holiday season and be 15-20lbs. down before the new year.  Do it before the hoards of people come in and clog up the joint!

5 good reasons to start on your health/fitness goals now:

1) No crowds and more attention from the coach.

2) Attack the holidays with a plan that will make you lose lbs. when everyone else is adding lbs

3) Have tons more energy during the holidays (You're gonna need it!)

4) Feel good about getting a head start instead of getting anxious about starting

5) Be 15-20 lbs. down while everyone else is struggling to start

Most places including myself run a holiday special where you can save a lot of money.  This goes away at the New Year as the flow of new people are ample.   Don't wait, gain more fat, lose out on deals, get more anxious, and get less attention when you could have made a drastic difference in your life for the better!