5 reasons you're not losing weight!

Problem #1
You have not set a SPECIFIC goal:

This makes you the same as 95% of people who come in to my office for weight loss.  "I want to lose X number of pounds"  That's about as specific as it gets usually.  If you have no specific direction, all roads will take you to your destination...FAILURE

Solution #1
Get real with yourself and get specific by answering these questions:

How? When? Where? What? Why?  VERY POWERFUL if used correctly.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Write these 5 questions down and answer them in detail.  Do it before you do anything else.  The "WHY" is the most important because it is your internal motivation through the process!   As a matter of fact, answer the why and ask yourself why after that 4 more times.  Dig deep for real answers... I.e.

Q: Why do you need to lose X pounds?
Why #1: I want to be healthy

Q: Why do you want to be healthy?
Why #2 : I want to feel good.

Q: Why do you want to feel good?
Why #3 : So I can get off couch and play with my kids & get rid of my back pain & live a long time.

This example only took 3 "Whys" to get to the real "Why" that will motivate this person, but you will usually get your real answer within five "Whys."  Again, make sure you answer these other four questions as well to set yourself up for success!

Problem #2
You're not getting professional help:

Would you try to operate on your dog/cat if they needed surgery?  Would you try to cut your own hair before a big date?  I hope not!  Then what makes you think you're qualified to tackle your weight problems on your own?  The human body is the most complicated organism in the world.  You really think you know enough to get the real answers to weight loss and a perfectly healthy body?  Good luck.

Solution #2
Invest in yourself and go to a reputable professional!

Get the right answers and training and use them for life.  IMPORTANT NOTE: The human mind is much more complicated than the body and is almost solely responsible for failed weight loss.  You need to train your mind before you train your body.  A qualified strength & conditioning coach can do this for you.  Do this and stop sabotaging yourself with tricks and excuses that most people play which lead them to fail.  As Zig Ziglar says, "You need a check-up from the neck up!"

Problem #3
You're not taking responsibility for your life:

Until you knock off the excuses and make this a priority it will never happen. You're not facing your fear and until your do it's going to get stronger and stronger and make you weaker and weaker. You're making excuses to put yourself at ease momentarily. You're numbing the pain temporarily with food, booze, TV, sex, sleep, cars, clothes, trips, and the list goes on and on. You need to take action now by realizing you are exactly where you are right now because of the decisions you have made.  No one else is responsible for you.  YOU are responsible for YOU.

Solution: Make the decision to face your fear today.

Take an action step. Action alleviates anxiety, but only 100% of the time!

Action steps:
-Throw out all the junk food in the house
-Kill your T.V. (You will be amazed what this can do)
-Take a walk every day
-Schedule in a time for workout (easier to do when meeting someone)
-Hire the best coach you can find because you're worth it.  (Remember Solution #2?)
-Listen to motivational books or even speakers on Youtube (on your walk;) )
-Learn to cook (cooking classes are actually pretty damn fun!)
-List out your food for a week (ex: myfitnesspal.com or fitday.com)

Problem #4
You are not setting your day up to be successful:

What are the first influences that you come across in your day?  Grumpy spouse? Screaming kids?  Angry boss?  Morons in traffic?  No wonder by the time you get going in your day you're already defeated!  The first things you see/hear in the morning will usually set your mood for the entire day.  What can you do to set your day up to be successful, joyful, productive, and at the same time lose weight?

Solution #4
Get up 30 mins-1 hour earlier, take a walk and listen to positive motivators:

I know what you're thinking..."Hell No!"  Well... I never said it was going to be easy!  What if I told you that 1 hour per day would achieve all this...
-lose weight
-make more money
-have better relationships
-increase energy
-make you magnetic
-make you a leader
-TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE (Live life on your terms)

This is the most powerful tool I have ever used to date and all it takes is getting up one hour earlier.  (If you have to get more sleep go to bed one hour earlier.)  The powerful lessons you train your mind with will give you massive amounts of control in your day!  Don't believe me?  Try it out for 2 weeks and see if you don't have the best two weeks you've had in a long time! Start with motivators like Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, & Dan Kennedy.  (Zig is my personal favorite) These guys will pump you up and make you very powerful and positive in your day.  People will wonder what has happened to you and will be attracted to you.  You will feel the change happening to your life like magic.  You will make better decisions and you will lose weight!

Problem #5
You're thinking too much about what to do with your life... just get out there and start doing it now!

When given the keys to the kingdom don't sit on a stump outside and wonder what you should do next...

Solution #5

Make your move and make it now before you talk yourself out of it.  The brain has an amazing capacity to remember and focus on negative events.  It's hardwired into many of us through bad experiences, failed attempts, mean people, and crappy advice.  You have to believe that change is possible before you can achieve it!
Ex: You want to build a fire. Well, first you have to believe that you can build a fire, that the wood will burn, that the matches will strike, and that it will produce a flame.  You have to believe all this or you wouldn't do the hard work of collecting/chopping the wood right?  Same with anything and everything!  You have to believe that you have the power to make the change.