Find your "IT" factor

As a Coach I've seen tons of people who are never in shape jumping from one shiny object to the next. They always hope the next thing will "get them in shape". I love this... How does any program get YOU in shape?  Simple answer: No program does!  YOU get YOU in shape. Stop blaming the program when the problem is staring at you in the mirror.

Look, the fundamentals of fitness are the same:

Work out with intensity
Learn to cook/eat right

Then your success as you get in shape is all about your management over those fundamentals and the driving factor (Your "IT")  that will carry them forward.

You need to have all bases covered.

Jumping from one fitness tactic to the next will get you in better shape than nothing, but it will NOT build your deep understanding, appreciation, nor the development of your body/mind because you jump ship when it gets hard or possibly boring.  Hard makes you better.  Boring comes when you have lost your "IT" factor.  The "IT" factor is what drives champions to the top, people with great bodies to be admired by others, and happiness on the cold hard days in the gym.  Everyone else just has whining about their last program and excuses why they didn't get in shape doing it.   Save your excuses for someone who cares.  Find your "IT" and you'll find you're Fit.