Jack of all trades, Master of none

It’s Monday morning at approximately 6:52am. I am just finishing up my 6am workout class. I am now watching people stretch and I hear a very familiar sound. The sound of swearing off bad habits, and the promise of a new way of living. Nothing wrong with that. I love the smell of inspiration in the air. The optimism and energy derived from the setting of new goals. 

Here’s the problem…


This is what I’m hearing. “I am giving up sugar, alcohol, dairy, and bread! I am going to run hills 3x/week and do yoga 2x/week. I am going to cook everything at home and it’s all going to be organic, grass fed, free range, etc. I am going to get up early every day to make sure all the food is ready and prepared. I am going to hike on the weekends too!”

This coming from the same person who is having an extremely hard time just changing just one of those things. I am all about making profound changes in life to improve one’s existence, but there is a better way. 

CHANGE ONE THING…                  

Before you become the Jack of all Trades, the Nutrition Nazi, the King of Workouts, become the Master of One. Make just one change and cement It into your lifestyle. One change a month, a quarter, or even a week if you can lock it in that fast. Just make sure it’s one solid change. After 6 months you have 6-12 changes that are working with each other and giving you a profound effect. 

Most people bounce around from one thing to the next and never stick with anything. That’s like trying to create a wardrobe out of random clothes you find in different countries. They are probably not going to match and you get depressed/confused when trying to put it all together.  

Try to change one thing today, this very moment, and stick with it. See, by the process of elimination what it does to your day, your mind, your body. Master it and benefit from it. Only then will you see a real effect and appreciate your change for the power it gives you.