Do you talk to yourself?

We all do it.  Whether it's out loud with the dog, driving in the car, or just mentally inside our head, we all talk to ourselves.  Everyday.  In fact, we talk to ourselves more than anyone else.  Don't believe me?  When was the last time you went through an entire day without making one decision?  Every time you make a choice you are talking to yourself.   

The real question here is, "What are you telling yourself everyday?"  Do you wake up with a full heart, positive attitude, and gratitude to have one more day on earth?  Maybe... Maybe not...

What we tell ourselves everyday is who we become.  We are not ourselves because of circumstances or other people.  We are ourselves because of what we convince ourselves is true everyday.  If you are not happy and positive that life is a gift then maybe it's time to start taking responsibility for your thoughts and telling yourself a different story.  The story you want to live.  

How? Here's are a few tips that are extremely powerful when implemented everyday.

  • Make the first thing you hear everyday a positive message (positive life, business, personal, it doesn't matter as long as it's something important to you)
  • Make the last thing you hear everyday a positive message (your brain will think about it in your sleep)
  • Get rid of the words can't, maybe, if, someday, etc... Replace them with can, will, now, today...(powerful words)
  • Clean up your body (good diet, exercise, recovery time everyday)  The mind can't be as positive in a poisoned body
  • Ditch the 5 people who are most negative in your life.  Find 5 positive powerful people to replace them.  These people are everywhere. If they are positive people then they will be happy to share their message.  Seek them out.
  • Kill your T.V. and read a book a week on something you want to acheive in life.  

    It's not that hard if you want it.  What do you want your life's story to be?  Start telling it today.