Make drastic changes for drastic results

Everyday I coach people who show up to the gym with the attitude "I'm here and that's good enough.  I don't need to work out that hard or listen to the good advice of my leader.  Just showing up to the gym is good enough."  

What's it good enough for? Is is good enough to maintain the mediocre or more likely poor shape you are in?  Is it good enough to use as an excuse to eat like crap all day and abuse your body with more alcohol after work?  Is is good enough to put on Facebook so that your lazier friends will give you a "Your such a badass!".

That would be fine except for a few things...  Your body doesn't change all that much, your goals slip away, and you're losing motivation because of it.   That's ok though.  You made it to the gym so you can justify it day after day with, "I went to the gym 2-3 times this week!"  

Here's the best part... After all the food you didn't prepare, the icing/stretching/rolling you didn't do, the walks you didn't take, the real effort you didn't give on the work outs, the water you didn't drink, the sleep you didn't get because you were watching TV, and basically  AFTER ALL THE EXCUSES YOU MADE you still some how convince yourself that you have the right to ask the questions, "Why am I not getting the results?!  Why am I so tired?  Why won't this pain go away? WHY AM I STILL FAT?! I GO TO THE GYM!"  

NEWS FLASH!  There are 168 hours in the week and you are going to the gym 2-3 hours of them.   That's 1.1%-1.7% of your entire week!   Even if you are doing few extra hours a week and can bump that up to 4-5 hours, it only equates to 2.2%-3.4%. YOU HAVE 96-98 PERCENT OF YOUR TIME TO SCREW IT UP!  Even if you make the argument that sleeping doesn't count (which it does) you still have over 94% of your week left to make the right decisions or the wrong ones.  

I don't know about you, but if I showed up to work and only got 2-6 percent of my job done I wouldn't have a job.  I wouldn't even show up to tell the truth.  What's the point?!   I might as well sit on my ass and not worry about it!

You may feel that I'm being harsh or extreme here, but those are numbers that you should think about the next time you want to find something (or someone) to blame for not achieving your goals.  THEY'RE YOUR GOALS.  GO OUT AND DO WHAT IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE THEM.  

Lose the excuses and make some real changes in your day to day life.  MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES. You want drastic results don't you? BTW, half changes don't create half results.  They create no results.  You need to make drastic changes in your efforts and lifestyle if you want to see drastic (or even considerable) changes in your fat levels, muscle tone, energy, sense of well being, and basically your life. 

What are you afraid of?  You might actually create an entirely different and better life for yourself. Isn't that worth a drastic change?

-Coach D. Wayne