Plan to succeed

When you wake in the morning do you just roll out of bed slowly and expect the world to unravel itself before you eyes? Does you day become clear on it's own? How much do you usually accomplish? Do most of your days go like you want them to?  No need to worry about planning for you day right? How's that working for you? Well it sucks for me!  

I've spent the majority of my life thinking that planning my day would make me a boring person, that I would become predictable and monotonous.  I dreaded the thought of that and avoided mapping out my day at all cost.  It has cost me a fortune!  Not just a fortune of money, but of time, health, energy, lifelong dreams, travel, etc...  I was losing enormous amounts of time everyday and feeling lost and completely unaccomplished.  It was depressing.  I wasn't reaching my goals and I was burning a lot of time and effort on filling my time with crap.   Things that I would forget about as soon as I was done doing them.  What did I have to show for this?   Nothing.  A big fat goose egg!

If this sounds familiar then I have the best solution in the world for you!  3 easy steps:

1) Buy a little journal and keep it on your nightstand.

2) Journal a quick history of your day and PLAN out your next one.  List what you want to get done.

3) Live your plan the next day!  Check off the things you want to get done.

It sounds so simple, but in this simplistic solution there is genius.  It is amazing what you can get done when you have a map to follow each day.  I was astounded by how much I remembered to do when I had a list.  Also, I was pissed at my self for not doing it sooner.  I would forget so many things when I tried to store them in my head.  It was like a great big fog up there and I would be lucky to remember one or two things.   In fact this blog today is on my to do list and it is getting done!  

Let me illustrate how powerful this really is.   Just 65 days ago I wrote down that I was going to open up my own building in 90 days. I didn't really believe it, but I decided to write it down and send it into the universe.  I've been dreaming about this for ten years!  That's 3650 days of nothing happening.  Now, in this very week I plan to finalize my lease, start ordering equipment, building out my facility and realizing my dream.  It will happen pretty damn close to the 90 days I set for myself.  As I write this I am still in awe of my reality.  How did this happen?

I changed one thing... I planned my day, wrote it down, and followed my plan.  It wasn't even that hard.  All I needed was a map, a daily compass to tell me where to go and what to do.  I swear it seemed like things just unraveled right in front of me as I started to follow my plan.  

What do you want out of life?  More time? More money?  A different lifestyle?  

Plan it out.  Draw your map each night.  Follow you map each day.  Even if it's just one or two things.  You'll be amazed how the whole world will change for you.  It did for me:)

-Coach David Wayne