Detox every quarter

"What?!  Really?  You detox every quarter?  That's like every 3 months!" I hear this all the time and people think that's crazy or excessive. How many toxins could I actually take in during this amount of time?  The answer depends on how you treat your body in the first place.  However it's not hard to see where the toxins are coming from if you decide to take a look. 

  • Air (Allergies, smog, pollution, chemicals, smoke)
  • Liquids (caffeine, alchohol, metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides)
  • Food (sugar, cholesterol, fat, carcinogens, chemicals, GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, fungus, man made ingredients)

This stuff adds up fast!  Our body does it's best job eliminating these alien substances, but starts to get backed up and stores them in our tissues, organs, bones, etc... We wonder why we feel so run down, tired, achy, sore, sick, and mentally drained.

If you feel that way then you should consider cleaning your internal body like you would your clothes, teeth, hair, skin, etc... What if you only cleaned these things every three months?  How would you look?  How would it affect you?  You'd be a damn mess and no one would want to hang around you because you would stink and look terrible!

Considering this it's not really all that crazy to detox once every 3 months.  You squeeze out the toxins so your body can start over and have a fighting chance at feeling it's best. You will think more clearly, feel super energetic, perform better in workouts, reduce mood swings, get rid of pain and inflammation and the list goes on and on.  

It takes about a week with three days before and after to adjust in and out of the detox respectively.  The results are phenomenal and you learn more about what your body needs every time.  Did I mention that most people lose 10-15 lbs?!   Interested?  Email me and we'll talk.