Your word is everything...

Your words are one of the greatest representatives for you as a person.  You have unlimited power with them and with that great responsibility.  I am not just talking about telling the truth here.  I am speaking about your entire vocabulary.  Everything you say.  I was reminded of this recently as one of my favorite clients caught me slipping with words that were not true to my character.  The fact that I was affected by extraneous things in my life didn't matter in this moment.  I was held accountable (as I should have been) and realized how powerful the words I utter have become.   WHAT YOU SAY is as important as WHO YOU ARE in the moment you speak.   

I once read a great book called, "The Science of Changing your Mind"  It talks about how the words that come out of your mouth affect you as a person.  If these words become a habit then they affect your actions. If your actions are changed by this over time it becomes a character trait.  If this character trait continues, then you have personally changed your destiny.

 Pretty powerful stuff!   "Words can actually become my destiny?" "How can I use this message to my advantage?"  

Start by speaking positively and with authority all of the words that come out of your mouth and see how it affects your life.  Watch how others are affected by it.  I promise you it's pretty amazing.  Conversely, the negative words have just as much power in your life and can drag it down very quickly.  Possibly causing irrefutable damage to your reputation and your future.  

The same book talks about how you can change the chemistry of your brain (and therefore your thinking) by speaking words which are positive, even when you don't quite believe them.  Continue to do so and you will start believing them.  It takes practice, but it works.  Just think of how many times we are inundated with commercials that cost millions of dollars to be aired over and over again.  The companies spend this much money because they know that what you see/hear repeatedly affects your thinking.  They already know it works!  Advertise to yourself the good things you want in your life and repeat it everyday until you believe it.    Try this...

Instead of saying,  

  • "I can't" say "I can"
  • "I might" say "I will"
  • "tomorrow" say "today"
  • "maybe" say "definitely" 
  • "today sucked" say "today was challenging, and I'll be better tomorrow"

There are a lot more examples, but the message is this... Words can lift you up to the greatest heights or drop you down into the deepest hell.   The choice is yours. 


P.S. If you need more examples just shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help you out:)