Here I go again on my own...

Do you ever feel this way?  We all have at some point in our lives. Whether you're going through a weight loss program, rehabilitating an shoulder/knee/some type of injury, or just trying to get more energy by going to the gym. (Funny how it takes energy that you really don't have to get to the gym in the first place...but you gotta do it!)

I am going through that experience right now in a different way.  I am about to expand my business to a bigger gym... Woo Hoo right?!  Well maybe a little... Mostly right now I'm like, "Oh Shit" I am about to incur multiple thousands of extra dollars a month in liability (Gym lease, loan, utilities, marketing costs, etc) and this is before I make my first dollar!  To say the least I am nervous and feeling very alone. At this point in juncture I have some choices...

  • Freak out and not pursuit my life's passion because I am afraid of massive debt
  • Continue forward, but in a half-ass manner because I am afraid of getting out of my comfort zone
  • OR I can believe in myself, be fu*#ing lion, set my goals clearly, and then SMASH THEM with extreme prejudice against my fear!

I already know that the third choice is the one I'm going to make and I know it's the right one. It's the one that leads to growth, happiness, and truly helping others.  It's the ONLY choice for me.  

What are you going to do?  Will you let fear get in your way?  Will you let previous failures tell your story?  Tell yourself another story.  One where you succeed no matter what!  Give yourself no excuse to fail.  If you have a workout goal commit to it for a year financially so you won't quit. Force yourself to succeed.  I am doing that right now and it's scary as hell!  No risk, No reward.   Commit to your goal with your entire being and then SMASH THAT GOAL!  It's the only way you're gonna get/feel better:)