Never seen a Ferrari commercial...

Random headline?  Well give this a closer look... Why have you never seen a Ferrari , Lamborghini, or Rolls Royce commercial on TV?  Two Reasons.  First, they have such a great reputation for being the best at what they do that they don't need to advertise. Second, the people who can afford them aren't usually sitting on their asses watching T.V.!  They are out in the world working their asses off and going after what they want.  

What do you want?  Great body? Nice house? World travel? Hot cars? 

Are you doing your best to get it or are you sitting around and wishing you had it (while watching some stupid show that will benefit you in no way whatsoever).

Learn from this analogy by first, being the best at what you are doing (striving, studying, working  harder than the next guy) so that your reputation is second to none. Second, by cutting out the Gemini Crickett bullshit of wishing on a star when you could be focusing on doing what it takes to make it happen.   Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy your show, but cut out the whining about what you think you should have when you're doing nothing (or a half-ass job) to achieve your goal/dream lifestyle.

This isn't meant to bum you out, but rather to call you out of your shell so you will live your life like it was the only one you have... Oh wait, THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE YOU HAVE. DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

One more thought...

It's ok to be ordinary, but don't hate on others for working their ass of to be extraordinary.