It's time to give back!

Go-Giver... A term I heard from an old mentor of mine.  The definition is giving to others (charity, family, friends, others in need) in any way without expecting anything back.  This is my new venture in life and specifically in my business.  I am studying how to set up, market, and implement charity boot camps for those in need.  It doesn't matter what charity benefits as long as it is a worthy cause.   I want to make a difference in my community and have an impact in a positve way.  I also want to attract like minded "Go-Giver" individuals who can help me along the journey as we improve others lives.  I also enjoy forging bonds with these special people as it enriches my life to know them.   Just my thought for the day.  Give and give and give till it becomes just another thing that you do.  See what it does for others and how it magically changes and improves your world!