What do coaches/trainers think about you?

You want to lose fat?  Lose the baggage you're carrying in you mind first...

Sometimes I just stand there and shake my head when I hear excuses from people.

"I just couldn't make it in because I'm so busy!"

"I don't know why I'm not losing weight?"

"This is too hard for me!"

You know what I think about that?   

You're an adult.  Act like one. 

There is a serious lack of personal responsibility with people these days. The excuses roll out faster than the fast food that they shouldn't have been stuffing in their pie holes.

"I'm not feeling it today."

No shit?  Me either so maybe just go home and feel sorry for yourself. Go ahead, put your mind/body into an even more depressed state.  That should really help you win the day!

When you start crying like that, a professional coach/trainer thinks...


Here's the thing...

Take these four important step to make a real change:

1) Start adjusting your attitude towards challenge (a.k.a. the workout and quite frankly, life in general), and the excuses will stop rolling out of your mouth.

2) When you stop making excuses you'll find more time for solutions and eventually your speech patterns become positive.  

3) Positive speech patterns reinforce positive attitude.  You have stopped the spiral downward and started back up!

4) The spiral upward gives you confidence in your new positive attitude/words and you start to believe in yourself.  Your body experiences the result through lower stress, better decisions, (showing up to workouts, eating clean, taking walks, etc..) and you lose body fat!

Focus on changing your thoughts, and your body will follow in kind.

You can be the successful client that acts like a grown up, cooks food at home, comes to workouts, and says, "Thanks for pushing me today Coach!"  "I promise to try harder next time!"

Now we think that your're great and we hope to find more like you everyday!  

My point is that the world has enough whiny miserable excuse makers...

Don't contribute to the problem.  

Be better than that.  You'll get a happier, and much better coach, a great workout and our undying respect for you personal responsibility and great attitude.

Coach David

p.s. Tips for changing your thoughts:    

  • Take a walk and clear your mind (you'll lose body fat in the process)
  • Shut off your T.V. and open a book (maybe one on mind control or positive thinking)
  • Clean out your body with clean food (buy a quick recipe cookbook and make healthy food fast)
  • Start paying attention to the words that come out of your mouth. Find better ones to replace them
  • Contact us here at roguetraininggarage.com to schedule a sit-down and mind remapping session.