14 Day Fat Furnace!!!

It's now officially spring and Portland's already warming up to tank top weather on certain days of the week.  If you're like most Portlanders then you've been comfortably hiding under layers of fleece, sweats, jackets, etc...  Maybe you've been tossing around the idea of dropping some of that winter weight so don't feel like you'll being hunted with harpoons the next time you go to the beach HAHA!  

Seriously though, the thought of a long arduous process of diet, exercise, and giving up your favorite drinks/treats sounds like a nightmare you don't want to face right?!  

Maybe what you need is a jump start!  A 14 DAY FAT FURNACE!  

  • 3-4 FAT CRUSHING workouts to jump start your metabolism
  • FAST 15 min. shopping list broken up into departments (meat, veggies, pantry, etc)
  • QUICK MEAL PLANS designed to get food on the table quick
  • LOSE 12-25 LBS IN 14 DAYS!

What else can I say? 

Oh yeah... It's only 97 bucks!!!   

Think about it and get nothing done or...

Call/email now (www.roguetraininggarage.com / 503-453-5355 and start melting that jiggly stuff off with authority!  Your call...

Summer's coming fast!