99 degrees is too hot for hoodies!!!

Today is June 1st and it's going to be 99 degrees this weekend!  That's got to be some kind of record!   I'm going to get right to the point... IF YOU WANT TO STAY COOL THEN YOU GOT TO SHED SOME CLOTHES!   Are you ready to do that?!  When you put on that tank top or those shorts are you really comfortable with how you look and feel?   If you're like most of us the first thing you think is "Oh damn I'm way too fat for this!" or "People are gonna look at me and judge me!"  You may be able to push through these insecurities and keep those shorts on but will you really be comfortable?!  You can be sweating your butt off in pants and baggy shirts or you can deal with your social anxiety while wearing your summer clothes.   OR.. You can get your butt in the gym, sweat for an hour, go home and make healthy food, and in a couple of weeks feel a HELL OF A LOT BETTER IN YOUR BODY!  

Don't know how to drop the weight?  Not sure if it will work?  Need some guidance?  Call us here at Rogue Training Garage and we'll have you dropping serious pounds in a few weeks time!    YOUR CHOICE:)