How to be Unflabby!


The secret of Life... ;)

I feel like there's finally more knowledge around
what it takes to be leaner as a lifestyle rather than
a short period of time. 

[rather than saying lean, highly unflabby sounds
better today....and lean is relative to the person....
whatever YOU want and supports your health,
confidence, lifestyle thats what you should shoot for

I'm not talking about the 12 week challenge...

The 6-week shred....

The 21-day detox...

I'm talking about a sustainable lifestyle. More and
more people are tired of the roller coasters and
have asked us this question a lot lately. 

So you want to keep an eye on your waistline, but
you hate diets? 

Join the club. 

Rather than give you recipes for yummy shakes and
quinoa-kelp granola, I suggest you follow these
simple rules that go from tactical, mindset to habit
driven that people who are highly unflabby year
round follow [these are in no particular order of

** it's a little longer today but you can pretty much
print this out....

1. Measure what you want to improve.
Want to lose weight? Have boundaries for food intake
and weight yourself (no, not daily but every couple of
weeks or every month). 
Want to fit into your skinny clothes? Try them once in
a while. Want to feel better? Then every few weeks ask
yourself how you're feeling and write it down. 
"What gets measured gets done" 

2. Make it easy.
Didn't see that one coming? Here's the thing, to do
something every day you have to make that "something"
easy enough that you're 90-100% confident you can
do it every day for 30 days. 

Unfortunately most people bite off way more than they
can chew. They commit to working out an hour every
day, eating four healthy meals, running a marathon, 
cooking more, waking up earlier - whoa! That's a complete
overhaul of your life. 

Make it easy, way easier on yourself at first. Maybe one
healthy meal a day, and two workouts a week. If it feels like
way too much it probably isn't just your lack of "will power"

Successful people take it in strides because they understand
the compound effect. Where will you be next year?

3. Drink a glass (or two) of water before every meal. 
This initiates a complex metabolic reaction that dietitians
call filling up your stomach so you don't eat so much :)
For real: drinking water throughout the day means you
ingest up to 9 percent less calories. 

4. Cook with spices instead of sauces.
Sauces contain a ton of calories (tablespoon of mayo is
90  calories), spices don't. Try out Flavor God, they're
awesome and make stuff taste great,

5. Cut out calorie containing drinks. 
One can of Dr Pepper is 150 calories with no nutrients.
Look, I like my Diet Coke sometimes and I have it but
it has low calories and it's not my daily drink of choice. 
Same goes with coffee and creamer. Why not put in some
whey protein and a dab of MCT oil? Now its healthier,
delicious and has protein. 

6. Practice on habit at a time. 
You may find this frustrating but only until you see that
it works. ONE at a time, sometimes a couple. But the
reality is that when you change the "right" habit it creates
a snowball effect and influences other things in your life
in a positive way. 
Introduce one new behavior for 3-4 weeks before adding, 
since studies show that as soon as you introduce a couple
more the failure rate is almost 100% (good reason to
listen to me). 

7. Work standing up (and move more). 
Sitting all the time makes you fat, ruins your posture,
and (spoiler alert!) murders you slowly. According
to science, after sitting for an hour, your body slows
down production of fat burning enzymes by as much
as 90 percent. People that sit for at least half a day
have shown a 54% greater chance of keeling over. 

8. No "wondering & worrying" questions.
Another tough lesson to learn. Change is an uncomfortable
process, always. You leave what you know (habits, lifestyle,
environment) and try something new - go into the unknown.

So then you try to make it "certain" again don't you, by
asking yourself questions that get you into a panic...
"What about this supplement or that?"
"What do you think about this theory/guru/article?"
"What about when ________ (unforeseeable future event
happens), what do I do then?"
Etc, etc

Ban these worrying questions. I know they are with good intention
but they do the opposite and just add to the anxiety.... the only two questions that matter:

1. What should I do today?
2. How should I do that?

The first question asks for the next step, the "right now". It's
the only thing you should concern yourself with, because its
what you can control. The second question gets you clarity
and instruction (the how), so you can do it properly. 

These are the questions that lead to calm focused action. 

9. One of the simplest and best things you can do is easy
enough for a toddler to learn. 

Walking helps avert diabetes and strokes and boosts your
sex drive and brain function - and you're probably pretty
good at it by now. That's why we are starting the 10,000                                                                                                                                                                                                               step challenge at Rogue Training Garage and just that one daily
habit helps people get leaner, more social (they do it
with friends), and they usually listen to some audio books
and get smarter. 
Also, while you're at it adopt a dog. In an actual study at
University of Missouri it showed that people who walk
a dog twenty minutes a day dropped an average of 14
lbs a year. The people who walked with a person did not
receive the same benefits - because the person could
discourage them from walking. See, when was the last
time a dog talked you out of anything?

10. Sleep!
Everyone sleeps but not everyone reaches the point of
restfulness. During sleep the body rebuilds and restores
muscles, burns fat and resets hormones to prepare the
body to be energetic, motivated and ready for the next
day (not to mention have you thinking properly/brain
function). When we don't sleep enough you're more
likely to use stimulants like sugar, caffeine, and you'll
be tired which is more likely to skip a workout. 

Also, it increases cortisol and start a cycle where it
will be hard to sleep which in turn makes you tired see the pattern? Get 7-8 quality hours
and create a sleep cave. 

Ok, I'm going to give you a break and come back late                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with the rest of the powerful habits that
highly unflabby people follow.

If you're frustrated, tired and done with the ups and downs
of dieting and you're ready to make a long-term change
then just reply to this e-mail with "I'm ready" and we'll get you                                                                                                                                                                                                 started on your path to unflabbiness:)

If you have any questions I'm here to help...

Coach David Wayne