Lifestyle Habits vs. Diets

What was your last successful diet?  How long did it last?  Did this diet make you crazy?

Now... when was the last time you changed a habit?  Just one little change that you actually stuck with and maintain to date?

This is my point... Diets are short term!  They're not meant to last.  I'm not saying there's no room for them in life.  Just that they work best under short term goals when your motivation is high and you've got he EYE OF THE TIGER!  You feel like nothing is going to short you from getting to your goal!  When you're super pumped and willing to push through anything a diet can work very well.  


This is where HABITS come into play!  Just changing one thing and sticking with it for 30 days so that it becomes a habit is a very powerful tool.  One that you can maintain and then move on to create another habit.  If you did this once a month, in 6 months you would have six new habits that you can rely on as a part of your life.  In any one goal, changing 6 habits will be huge in getting and maintaining your success!

HABIT NUMBER ONE:  This habit on it's own can apply to anything in life that you want to acheive so here it is... JOURNAL YOUR DAY.  Whether it's your food intake, your performance goals at work, relationship goals, make sure you write it down!  You will start to see something magical happen... You will notice what you're doing wrong and start to correct it.  Most of us don't sit down and analyze our habits and therefore never change them!  You have become very aware of what you're doing in order to make a real change!

You want to lose body fat/gain muscle/feel better?  

Journal your food!  Journal your workout (or lack thereof)  

Start taking control of your day by taking notice of your habits!

I'll be back later to give you another habit.  Until then start this one as it is so powerful you'll feel like you just found the secret to success!

As always, if you have any questions or need professional assistance with your fitness/nutrition goals, send me any email/call me and we'll set up your path to success!

That is all,

Coach David