Final week of GVT and Max strength gains

Hey Portland!

We finished up week 6 of the GVT (German Volume Training) and just got through with 1 rep max week testing to see how much strength one could gain in such a short window. After conducting mean averages among all participants the results are as follows:

Bench Press: 12.2 lbs increase

OH Press: 15.4 lbs increase

Back Squat: 22.3 lbs. increase

Deadlift: 24.6 lbs. increase

Pull-up: 33.7 lbs. increase (considering populations that decreased their banded assistance as well)

Not a bad start considering that we were working 60% 1RM the entire time! The added volume in the shoulders, arms, thighs, glutes, etc… reported to me by numerous members is in my opinion solely responsible for the added strength gains despite the fact that we were not training for max strength gains specifically. That type of program would consist of lower reps and higher weights usually, especially for more advanced lifters who have conditioned their muscles to the point where extreme stimulus is a must for any considerable gain.

So if they’re not receiving high stimulus strength gains through high weight, that really only leaves one option… High Volume. It is important to note that the high volume was done with weight that pushes the muscle fibers to their max for that particular amount of sets and reps. You would not receive the same effect if you dropped the weight resistance much lower. In essence this was almost the perfect weight vs. sets/reps for maximum muscle volume and strength over a short period of time! I am impressed and even more so with how good my body feels (energy, joint health, mobility, etc…) after participating in such a rigorous program and have noticed how many of my members are also feeling the same effects. I even got my wife (who hasn’t stuck to a weight regimen ever) to do the entire program and she is ready for more! It is important for me to mention that going through this training series has also helped correct, condition, and improve multiple joint/muscle issues that were occurring in my clients. I guess you could say they perfected their movement patterns through tons of reps and weight control. Instead of slamming around the reps which people often do, I imposed strict rules on the timing of the concentric and eccentric contractions and in turn gave them more time to focus on movement correction. Even though 4 and 5 second eccentric contractions are torturous they are very effective at building muscle and correcting bad movement patterns that have previous caused imbalances and injuries. (With a good coach of course;) )

Ok! Time to wrap it up. If you are considering changing up your workout program whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter I would highly encourage you to give German Volume Training a try! It does work!

-Coach David Wayne