German Volume Training (Weeks 4 & 5)

After finishing up weeks 4 & 5 I admittedly started to eat much more than I had anticipated and was starting to spill over a bit (that’s bodybuilder slang for getting a little pudgy) and needed to add in some fat burning exercise. Basically keeping my heart rate between 100-130bpm so I am mainly burning fat and maximizing my muscle retention (go above that and you enter cardio zone which can burn slights amounts of muscle glycogen to the point of inhibiting maximum muscle gain). I did this by doing some long hikes of 11 to 15 miles at a time at a 2-3 mph pace. This helped greatly to pull off some of the excess calories in fat I was gaining. If I was to really needle my carb intake I wouldn’t probably have to do that, but it’s a process and part of the experience since this was my first stint of GVT. Having said that, I am still very pleased with the result in my muscle strength increase and also how good my joints are feeling during such an overload process of lifting.

I have one week to go and cannot wait to retest my 1 rep max numbers in bench press, squat, deadlift, pull-up, and overhead press. These are the main multi-muscle compound movements that I had originally tested in the beginning of the process and the numbers that I base my 60%/1rm reps that I am working during the GVT reps. That last sentence was a little wordy, but I’ve had a bit too much coffee this morning and am on a roll!

To anyone who participates in this program and has similar issues with fat gain from increased appetite I would recommend doing at lease a 1 hr walk a day and one big hike, bike, etc… of at least 3-5 hours per week at the previously suggested heart rate of 100-130 bpm. This will also keep the back, hips, knees, etc… loose so one could remain flexible and prevent getting to tight to sleep at night. On to week 6!

Coach David Wayne