Make a 20 lb. difference in just one month!

It’s December and the holidays are here! Many of us are winding down the year and along with that increasing our booze and sugar intake at a massive rate. Then there’s the other foods that taste great and make you fat and happy. Happy for now…

When you look at a title that says “Make a 20lb difference in just one month” you’re probably thinking, “No way I’m doing some crazy diet during the holidays!”

Well you don’t have to do anything crazy to achieve this. It’s very simple really. Let me start with some stats..

The average person gains 10 lbs during the holidays due to parties, food, lethargy, and just plain old saying “F*ck it!”

If you lost 10 lbs. during this month (which is very achievable with a good coach) then not only would you not be 10 lbs heavier, but instead 10 lbs. lighter!

10lbs. not gained + 10lbs. lost = 20 lb. difference!

Not so crazy after all huh?!

Think about that for a min. You could show up to that Ugly Sweater party looking good and feeling even better! Give us a call @ 503-453-5355 to make your 20 lb difference in just one month!

-Coach David Wayne