Top 5 reasons than you have chronic back pain

Hey Portland! I write a lot of posts on weight loss, motivation, muscle gain, and athletic performance but you probably don’t care about any of that if you are living with back pain. When you have back pain the last thing you want to do is try working out, or any excess movement for that matter.

So where does that leave you? How do you start back on the path to a healthy back that doesn’t give you pain and worry every single day?

While I can’t know for sure the cause of your back pain I can address the most common reasons for your pain and give you some informative solutions.

Here are my top 5:

1. Cause: You have an office job/sedentary life.

Cure: Start with a bio-mechanical assessment.

You have been working hard to provide for yourself, your family, pay your bills and be a responsible adult. Everything is going as planned except your back is killing you and it’s creating a downward spiral, affecting your energy, ability to move, and motivation to participate in life. What you need to do is get yourself some answers. Maybe you have tried chiropractic, massage, or going to a doctor? The problem here is a chiropractor can put your structure back into place, but if your muscles can’t keep it in place then you’re right back in their office in a week or two. Massage feels great but it’s only a temporary alleviation as well at best. Doctors tend to prescribe rest and pain killers so now you’re on the couch and you can’t take a shit because the pain killers have got you so bound up! You need to consult a movement specialist to help align your joints and muscles correctly and then guide you into exercises that keep them in place! If this is you, just scroll to the bottom and give us a call;)

2. Cause: You’re overweight.

Cure: This one isn’t rocket science but it’s worth listing as it’s a predominant factor in most people’s back pain. After getting a bio-mechanical assessment your journey starts on the goal of losing excess fat with proper guidance so the extra load you’re carrying doesn’t injure you any further during the process. You’ve been neglecting your body and now it’s screaming at you to get going! Walking is a great way to reverse the process, but if you really want to accelerate the results we can help. Again, if this is you scroll to the bottom and give us a call.

3. Cause: You’ve been in an accident.

Cure: Acute trauma, whether it’s from a car accident, fall, or Friday night bar fight can leave you a broken mess and now it’s time to pick up the pieces. Generally the longer you wait the worse your condition will become so don’t sit around till you’re in a wheelchair or one of those roadrunners that you see old people or extremely obese people riding around on in the supermarket. Get help now while you have a leg up. After an extensive evaluation we can provide real answers for you so you can make the best decision on how to move forward.

4. Cause: High heels or bad bed

Cure: Again, this is a no brainer. Get more reasonable shoes and a decent mattress! However, if you need to keep wearing those stilettos then you will also need to counteract the tight achilles tendons you’re creating and therefore tight back. Knowing what stretches to do and what muscles to strengthen will be wildly beneficial to your back and general walking gait. (Note: Walking gait is the way you walk) If you don’t want to look like a broken two dollar hooker walking down the street because your back hurts so bad then getting the right help is huge!

5. Cause: You got hurt at the gym

Cure: Stop going to Crossfit! Haha! Just kidding! Well maybe… I’ve actually been to a few Crossfit gyms where the Coach knows what they’re doing so this one isn’t an absolute. However I do get quite a few people every year who come to me singing the woes of their Crossfit experience. For most people lifting heavy weights at race pace because the person next to you is going to get a better WOD time is a recipe for disaster. If you’re a 20 yr old in great shape and still made out of rubber then it’s a fun and effective workout. However, if you’re just a bit older, fatter, or just haven’t been working out for a while then you could be asking for trouble. Possibly a lot of trouble in the form of back pain, dislocated shoulders, hips, knees, etc… Why take the risk? Here at Rogue Training Garage we don’t work on random exercises to confuse your body into better shape. We use proven professional grade techniques and strategy to get you to your goals quickly and safely. No injuries, only results.

There you have it! Those are the top 5 reasons I see people come to see us when it comes to back pain. If one of these rings a bell with you then give us a call. You won’t regret it!

Coach David Wayne

Rogue Training Garage