Client Recognition: Michol Porter

When dedication comes to mind it’s not hard for me to pinpoint my December client of the month. Michol Porter personifies the diligence, consistency, and no nonsense attitude that I so rarely see in younger individuals these days. Hell… I don’t see it that often in individuals of any age! Michol showed up at my facility with definitive goals, a structured timeline, and a willingness to dig in and do the work it takes to get real results. She is a task master on her nutrition and shows up to workouts like clockwork. She takes instructions and immediately applies it with precision to her life. I only wish more people took the instruction I gave them, and followed it like Michol! It’s almost humorous the concern she has when she “slips up” and eats a few too many blueberries;)

Michol came to Rogue Training Garage with some serious doubts. After all she got completely screwed out of thousands of dollars by her previous trainer, who sold her a bunch of prepaid sessions and then took off to Texas! SMDH… It’s guys like that who give this profession a bad name, so when I heard this story I assured her that nothing like that will happen to her here at Rogue. We respect our clients and show them that not all “Fitness Professionals” are sleezy, oiled up, car salesmen that take your money and run. MIchol and I have been working together now for about 6 months and her body transformation is very impressive! We achieved her initial weight loss goal a few months ago and now we are on to “Phase Two” as she likes to call it. I have no doubt that she will reach her Phase Two goal as she has shown me nothing but hard work, dedication, consistency, and a very serious commitment towards her nutrition. That’s all it takes folks. You too can be like Michol Porter if you just decide what you want and stop at nothing to achieve it. Great job MIchol! You are shining example to all of us on what it takes to get real results and I applaud you as Rogue Training Garage’s December client of the month!

-Coach David Wayne