How much is a good Coach/Personal Trainer?

I get a lot of call on this very subject... "How much do you charge?"  This is many times the first thing that comes out of a prospective client's mouth.  Not "What is your background or specialty?" or even "What is your technique to helping me get to my goals?".   Price point shopping is a very large to the consumer and I understand that completely.  However, when addressing the new task of losing weight, getting in shape, or just getting rid of aches and pains to feel better, it would be wise to get to know the individual that you are working with.  I also understand that you have probably done some research online and you need to look for a place that has a general locality to your home or work.  These are important aspects of process so that your daily routine isn't interrupted more than it has to be.  You only have a certain amount of TIME in the day and you only have so much MONEY.   I get that.  

One thing you may have forgotten on your journey to fitness though... 

  • What happens if you pick the wrong Coach/Trainer?
  • What happens if you decide to save a few bucks now, but your whole project fails?
  • How much money/time did you lose on a bad decision?
  • How much weight didn't you lose because you went with price over quality?
  • How much motivation did you lose because of this failure?

You can get New/Un-experienced/Desperate/Un-certified Coaches/Trainers for:

Private Training: $35-65 dollars per hour

Semi-Private: (2-4 people) $15-25 dollars per hour/person

You will most likely spend 6-12 months failing or getting very little result and possibly a new injury. 

Cost: $2500-$5000 dollars to fail...

A qualified, experienced, and Nationally Certified Coach Trainer however will cost you:

Private Training: $65-$125 dollars per hour

Semi-Private: $35-$55 dollars per hour

Your progress will be timely 3-6 months and you will have a new body, tons of great experience you can use your whole life, and you are now feeling looking great!

Cost: $1500-$4000 dollars to win!   


Now, you may be wondering how the price point is almost the same (Actually the experienced trainer is cheaper)?    GREAT COACHES/TRAINERS ONLY GET RESULTS IN HALF THE TIME!  YOU JUST SAVED MONEY ON THE MORE EXPERIENCED TRAINER!

Think about that the next time you decide to work with a professional Coach/Trainer...

Quality or Quantity?   You decide.

I'm here if you have questions:)

Coach David Wayne