Bad air quality index workouts for Oregon

So today it's getting up to 99 degrees in Portland, Or and the air quality is rated unhealthy:( 

You still need to get a workout in so what do you do?


Filtered and air conditioned air is your best friend on a day like this.   You should even be able to do cardio with a solid air filtering system so ask your gym or facility if they have one.

Rule No. 2 Start with Anaerobic Exercises (Like weightlifting)

If you're not sure how healthy the air is around you or just not sure how much your lungs/body will react to the air quality then weights are a great way to test them out.   You will use more oxygen than you normally do for everyday work habits but not so much as you would during cardio.  If you feel good after 30 mins of weights, then see how the treadmill will work for you, but again do it indoors!

Rule No. 3  Listen to your breathing/body

If your breathing becomes exasperated more quickly than normal, you feel burning in your chest/lungs, or feel light headed then stop what you're doing and postpone the workout.  It's not worth feeling like crap for the next 3-5 days because you shocked your lungs and heart.  

Play it smart on days like today and you'll be better off for the next workout!

Stay cool out there,

Coach David Wayne