Breakfast Smoothie for energy and muscle recovery

Short post today!

If you have been wondering what you should have for breakfast in the morning that is quick, easy, and healthy then here you go Portland!   This smoothie is great for people who need more energy in the morning, more muscle recovery after a workout, or even a meal replacement to drop some pounds!  It's super simple and here it is...

Coach Wayne's Power Smoothie

-1 1/2 cups Coconut Milk

-1/2 bushel Kale (Do a whole bushel if you have difficulty getting your veggies in for the day)

-1 cup blueberries

-1-2 scoops protein powder (I recommend vanilla) considering each scoop is 20-25 grams protein.  Note: 1 scoop if you're trying to lose weight and 2 scoops for muscle gain.

It's that simple!   I like to use a Ninja Blender because it has multiple blades and blends better IMO.  

Expect to feel more energy during your day and more power in your workouts!

-Coach David Wayne