The power of 10 (GVT)

Hey Portland!

In continuation of my article of German Volume Training I would like to reference the difference between doing strength training in it's typical regime of 3x10's, 4x6's, 5x5's, etc... and how they are different from 10x10's.  I am sitting here today completely relaxed, very focused, a little sore, but overall feeling really good!  I have had this reoccurring sense of wellness ever since I have been participating in the German Volume Training format (10x10's).   GVT is very simple tactically, how ever the strategy seems to be much more involved.   I don't mean just the tempo of the reps or configuration of compound exercises to which one should apply, but rather the effect on the body that it produces outside of the the expected muscular hypertrophy.  

Simply put, I am stating that there are many other profound effects I have experienced from GVT.  The first and most noticeable effect was the energy I have throughout the first 75% of the day.  I am sharp, energetic, albeit relaxed, and have a general sense that everything is going just right.  I do take a sharp dip in the evening where I just want to go to bed (around 8pm) which is great because I spend less time watching TV and get more sleep at night.  I feel a sense of wellness and confidence throughout the day that I am not used to, but very much like and this in and of itself opens doors to other options in life.   I am more at ease with other people, problems, and issues life throws my way.   Ok, enough about all that...

My other side effects include:

  • joint relief
  • fat loss
  • increased appetite
  • decreased want for alcohol
  • decreased need for caffeine
  • increased sex drive
  • increased mental clarity

If that hasn't convinced me to continue joyfully with this routine then I don't believe anything would!  I have also put a good % of both male and female clients on this program to work on everything from muscular hypertrophy to form correction with increase time under tension. (GVT requires slow movement patterns with an extreme focus on biomechanics over tons of reps.)  I have seen a pronounced improvement in corrective patterning with people who have previously struggled, as the 100 reps per compound movement have forced these people to go lighter and pay more attention to what they are doing during the movements.   In essence they have more time for their neurosensory systems to adapt to the reps because there are more reps to adapt to!

Anyway, this is just my perception of this program and I am very pleased indeed with it's effects and results.   I will keep you updated on the prolonged effect as we delve deeper into the program.  These are only my initial perceptions and in no way my official overall look at GVT.   More data is needed, but I like the data I have so far!

-Coach David Wayne