Oregon Training Weather is here!!!

You've been bitchin' about the rain all winter/spring, but now summer is in full effect!   Let me guess... "It's too hot!"  "I just can't work out in this extreme 80's/90's temperature!"   

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!   That's hilarious!  It's also sad... You're an excuse maker:(

When I was a kid I worked in 117 degree weather for 8 bucks an hour and I dealt with flammable products at the same time!  I have no sympathy for you!  You can't take a little heat while you work out?!  It's Oregon!  It's the coolest part of the country right now!   Get off your ass and do something about it before it, and the rest of you get any bigger!  Ok, done with my motivational speech;)

Seriously, if you can't do it right now when the weather is beautiful then don't kid yourself that you're gonna do it in the cold of the winter when you're most likely to get fatter.   Just take your big ass to the ice cream shop and give up all hope.  

If you're thinking "Fuck that!"  then give me a call and I'll get you on the right track to stronger muscles, better cardio, more flexibility, and most likely less pain/discomfort than you're living in right now.   We'll get to work and you'll most likely be feeling 200-300% better before fall sets in!  How about that?!

Coach David Wayne