German Volume Training (Weeks 2 & 3)

End of Week Two:

I’m not gonna lie… It’s a tough workout! My body is getting acclimated to the Central Nervous System (CNS) overload. I am sleeping more and and eating more by default. I have noticed some weight gain (3 lbs.) but not any body fat increase. I expect that my muscles are more full of glycogen (muscle sugar) which contributes to the weight increase. I feel like my energy has taken a dip but I still feel good.

End of Week Three: Really feeling significant strength increase on my presses and chin-ups! I am easily doing all ten sets of ten with the weight I previously struggled with just the week before. I will have to go up in weight next week just to get the needed stress to continue growing. My energy started to really spike by the weekend and I actually needed to go out and do something extra. (Hiked Mt. Defiance: 5000 ft. elevation gain and 14.4 miles long.) That’s gonna affect my legs a little this week;) I also feel like my arms are growing in size, but am not planning on measurements until the end of the six weeks as planned.

Overall very happy with the progress (because it’s so noticeable) and though the workouts are tough they are not as miserable as lifting with no result!

Coach David Wayne