Client Recognition: Colin Neely

When I think of hard work and true grit I think of Colin Neely. This guy comes in unassumingly quiet with a big goal to gain muscle… about 30 lbs to start! He wanted to know how it was done, how long it would take and what he needed to do to get there. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I get a lot of younger guys talking about gaining muscle. They’re pumped to start and swear they will do what it takes to hit the mark. Sadly they don’t always follow through…These guys can’t take the hard work or dedication and they quit, usually after some lame excuse about work or not having enough time. I always know when they’re making excuses. I’ve been doing this for 22 years. I can see it in their eyes. It was too much for them. They never had to work like that before.

So back to my guy Colin… He didn’t say anything about what he was gonna do, no bragging or outlandish statements made. He just showed up and put in 110% every single workout. I don’t like to use illogical percentages like 110%, but when Colin did everything I told him to do (100%) and then asked for more weight to lift, well that’s the extra 10% right there. He constantly surprised me with his willingness to work and strength to weight ratio. To give you some background, Colin is like I was growing up… Really tall and a hard gainer. That means our body types don’t like to gain muscle easily. It takes hard lifting, the right nutrition program, and a willingness to dig in when it hurts. He started at 123 lbs. and in six weeks time gained 15 lbs! That’s huge! Not fat weight either. All muscle! He tripled his strength in the same amount of time and I see no signs of slowing progress. He is a great guy to coach because he’s easy going, works like a beast, and gives no excuses. All the attributes of a successful young man on his way to the top! Btw, Colin is also a recorded rap artist, student, and a team member of his high school crew team. He definitely takes advantage of his time which gives me hope for the younger generation of guys out there. I’m excited to see how much weight we can pack on Colin, so if you know him I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t recognize him the next time you see him. He’s gonna be a lot bigger:) Well done Colin!

Coach David Wayne