Herbs that help you fight the Dark Times

The Dark times are among us…

You could take that many ways. Political or actual climate, spells to kill Voldemort, or perhaps the road that I meant to go down.


Winter is a time for reflection and rest, more sleep and less output, and for a lot of us, dark and dreary.

It is also a time that pushes down on us and makes us feel tired, sad, depressed, sick, cold, wet, etc…

Do any of these maladies occur for you? Are you willing to do something to help you get rid of them? Taking a

powerful Herb that can restore your constitution while taking away your stress? What I am offering today

is an element of nature that you can use for these very reasons and more. It’s name is Avena Sativa.

You can find Avena Sativa in plant form or processed for oils, tinctures, and the like. It is all natural and the

only people who shouldn’t really take it are those who suffer from Celiac disease. That is because Avena Sativa is the

proper name for Oats. Yep! Just good ol’ Oats! You can gain some good effects from eating a good quality oatmeal,

but I would recommend a tincture (Herb + Alcohol) to gain the medicinal effect of the plant in a more noticeable way.

Otherwise, I have not read of any other contraindications to supplementing your system with this potent little plant.

Unless you don’t like being horny… There are people who will claim it’s effect on your libido. Waking up in the middle

of the night and needing a hot sweaty workout with your partner;)

If you want to get the real effect of Avena Sativa you should find Oat Tops or a tincture produced from Milky Oats

which are a produced in a very brief period right before oats are harvested for food and at the same time in their

most potent form. This will give you the max benefit and here are some of the other effects…

  • relieve stress

  • strengthen and calm nervous system

  • muscle relief and recovery from magnesium

  • strengthen bones from calcium

  • Energy from Vitamin B

  • Resolve sleeplessness

Sound like you could use any Oats yet?! I know I can. Go out and get yourself some Avena Sativa and give it a try if

any of this rings true for you. Enjoy what you can during the winter and feel good enough to keep up your workouts,

health, keep the fat off, and have a strong and vibrant nervous system.

Stay Warm,

Coach David Wayne