Client Recognition: Tonya Brockman

When I think of people who are fun to be around, easy going, but hardworking and honest Tonya Brockman rises to the top of my list! Tonya is an individual who takes instruction well and gives her best effort. She was proactive from the beginning, establishing a dedicated nutrition regimen before she even showed up at the gym. That is huge in the business of health and fitness! Most people have no inclination to correct their poor diet even after I start training them. They live in a fantasy world where just working out is going to give them all the results they desire. It’s almost comical. Tonya however realized that she needed to change her diet and took on that task like a champion. She made progress straight out of the gate, dropping 17 lbs. of fat, and increasing her strength at the same time! I really appreciate as a coach how much fun she is to work with, all the while staying on task to get the workout in with vigor. This is something that might seem simple, yet so many struggle with on a regular basis.

It’s always a joy to coach her through the workouts knowing that she is there to work and to enjoy herself as much as one can while going through a sometimes grueling workout. Great attitude goes a long way in life and Tonya is a perfect example of how to exhibit that quality.

She is well on her way to achieving her goals as long as stays the course, but I have no doubt she’ll have a problem doing that. Great job Tonya Brockman! You are the Rogue Training Garage client of the month and your title is well deserved. Keep up the good work and I’ll see you in the trenches;)

Coach David Wayne